Phoenix Pharmacy Group
Partners for Success and Profit
Member of the
Compliant Pharmacy
Alliance Cooperative

Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Phoenix Pharmacy Group?

PPG Cooperative is wholly owned and operated by its members.

The members are all independent pharmacists who exercise their entrepreneurial talents and remain independent. The PPG operates as a for-profit venture, where the purchasing power of the group is leveraged into direct profits to each of the members.

The PPG vendor subsidies, incentives and discounts are returned 100% to the members.
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We are owners of your local, independent community pharmacies.

What is the advantage of membership
in Phoenix Pharmacy Group?

The PPG Cooperative pools its collective business to capture attractive "chain" terms from our venders.   These include both reduced price and improved services and programs not available to other independent stores.


"If you BUY at the RIGHT PRICE,
        you can COMPETE against anyone."

Member stores can anticipate

  • a very competitive cost of goods,
  • quarterly rebates based on both group and individual store purchase volume,
  • improved vendor service,
  • transparent accounting -- to the penny.

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Savings as a result of Buying Power!

Who is the
Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative?

The Phoenix Pharmacy Group Cooperative operates as an independent entity along the mid to north Atlantic region. To further strengthen our bargaining position, we collaborate with six other groups. Collectively we own the Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative.

Our sister groups operate in the Great Lakes, Georgia, Texas, Carolinas, Arkansas and High Plains regions.

Our Compliant Pharmacy Alliance CEO, Ed Heckman, has a similar position in each of these sister groups. As a result when the CEO is negotiating contracts for PPG, the vendors and wholesalers know that he represents the buying power of the regional groups across the country.

The result is that the negotiating leverage for PPG is enhanced significantly. This combined with our membership growth and management focus has led to the Phoenix Pharmacy Group being the "most successful and profitable pharmacy group" available to independent store owners.

Contact Us for more information or to ask about membership today!
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Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative

When was Phoenix Pharmacy Group formed?

Phoenix Pharmacy Group Cooperative was developed from discussions held by several New Jersey Pharmacy owners, beginning in 1997.

After much research, we found that there were indeed opportunities to negotiate for better prices, but only as a compliant buying cooperative.   We began operating as PPG in March 2000.

Our motto when we formed was "Raising Independent Pharmacy From The Ruins".

Our motto now is "Partners for Success and Profit". This change in our motto reflects the success we've achieved over the past 10 years.

As Independent Pharmacists, we perform an important role in our communities and provide a unique and valuable service for our patients.   We all have a long history in our relationships with our clients.

To continue to fulfill this role, Phoenix Pharmacy Group recognized that chains receive superior prices and services from vendors because one voice speaks for the entire chain -- 100% compliance.

By adopting this philosophy, PPG has achieved the same results for our Members.
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Phoenix Pharmacy Group was formed in 2000

Is the Phoenix Pharmacy Group Right For Me?

Are you a strong independent store owner?

Do you intend to SURVIVE and PROSPER?

Do you want the cost structure that will allow you to compete against chain stores?

Do you meet our criteria for size, and are you willing to operate by our purchasing guidelines?

If the answers are YES, then we are the group for you.   Contact us for more information, or to ask about membership today .
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Member Qualifications - Be Entrepreneural and Successful

Why join Phoenix Pharmacy Group?

Everyday unit costs for all products are reduced.   We have the buying leverage to get the best prices.

Our size guarantees top vendor service to each owner.   Rebates, incentives and discounts are returned to members 100%.

Our members are "the best of the best... independent pharmacy owners" who are successful as independent entepreneurs and business owners.   As a member, you'll have access to a group of highly profitable business owners who are willing to share their experience and knowledge.

And each member has a new network of peers to learn from and successfully grow your business.
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Members as Managers - Leaders for the Group

Is Phoenix Pharmacy Group a "Buying Group"?

No, we are a totally UNIQUE buying cooperative.

By operating collectively, we are able to negotiate extremely favorable terms and conditions from wholesalers, suppliers and vendors.

Our distinction from "buying groups" is that all Members understand and adhere to our compliance standards. And we own and operate the cooperative.

Therefore, when we negotiate, vendors know that we have cohesiveness, compliance, large purchasing volumes and leverage behind us, which makes us highly desirable to do business with.
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Buying Cooperative - Focused on reducing costs and working together

How Do I Join?

To join us is simple and straightforward. We'll help you figure out if you fit with us, and ensure your prompt inclusion to begin reaping our benefits.

  • Step 1 - Confirm your store fits our profile for membership
  • Step 2 - Contact us by phone, fax, email or send our online form with some info about you
  • Step 3 - We'll answer all of your questions, so you can make a quick decision

Your membership application will be reviewed promptly. We will schedule a meeting at your convenience to fully describe the benefits of PPG Membership to you in detail.
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Membership - Step by Step

How is PPG management structured?

Management and operations of the PPG is conducted by the PPG Board of Directors, which consists of store owners elected by their colleagues. Directors meet regularly to guide the ongoing programs and activities.

PPG, through its partnership in the Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative employs Ed Heckman, RPh. as CEO and Jay Blackburn as COO to facilitate contract negotiations, vendor compliance, administration, monitor operations and maintain the best management oversight possible.

With this structure, overhead costs are extremely minimal. There is a small shared administrative expense, with the result being an overhead cost structure that is one of the lowest in the industry.

Rebates, discounts and vendor incentives are proportionally distributed, based on a store's volume of purchases with each vendor and the overall purchase volume of the group.
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PPG Manager Board and Group Members

Ed Heckman, PPG Director
Ed Heckman, RPh.,

What is the Cost of Membership?

A one-time processing and initiation fee must be submitted with your completed membership profile and application forms.

The nominal cost for overhead expenses associated with group administration, outlined above, is deducted from each member's quarterly distribution check. There are no additional fees.
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Put your low membership fee to WORK for you today.

What are the Resources listed at left?

The companies listed in Resources provide services or products to the group.

Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service

PAAS National® - the Pharmacy Audit Assistance Service is recognized by Community Pharmacists as a national authority on Third Parties. PAAS is an expert resource on Third-Party Audits, Contracts and Negotiating Strategies.

As a community pharmacist, PAAS is your advocate and resource for timely advice and support. PAAS has provided contract services to a number of PPG members.

AmerisourceBergen - A comprehensive pharmaceutical services provider.AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen supplies pharmaceutical products quickly and efficently, which enables pharmacies to focus on the care their clients deserve.

AmerisourceBergen has an ongoing relationship with PPG. They are the Primary Drug Wholesaler to Phoenix Pharmacy Group.

National Community Pharmacists Association National Community Pharmacists Association

The National Community Pharmacists Association, founded in 1898 as the National Association of Retail Druggists (NARD), represents the pharmacist owners, managers, and employees of nearly 25,000 independent community pharmacies across the United States.

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